Making Waves- Raising money for various charities and good causes through networking events, community activities and lacrosse.

The Pink Whales Foundation ("PWF") was founded in 2012 by local Boston-area professionals who remain passionate about the sport of Lacrosse and giving back to their local community. While each member of the founding team has played at various levels (Club, Division 1, Professional) we are all dedicated to improving both the sport of lacrosse and endorsing activism within our local communities. 

The PWF is setting about to engage young professionals to increase their involvement in the community through paying it forward, which in turn increases the positive visibility of our sport and amplify the "lacrosse player image". Our view is that student-athletes should be exemplary citizens, students, and athletes in that order. 

The Boston-area lacrosse community is endowed with the potential to affect immediate and lasting change but is largely underutilized and disconnected. It is our goal to sponsor a variety of lacrosse tournaments, networking events, and community activities to increase efficacy among this high-energy group of individuals. These events are ways that can improve our connection with the sport, our local community in Boston, and philanthropic initiatives.